At Tiksom, we put people and technology at the forefront of our business. Our team has deep experience in transforming ideas into highly successful and powerful technology solutions

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Stanford Spinekeeper
Shaping the Future of Medicine Through Premier Education and Innovation
Stanford Medicine offers cutting-edge education programs in medicine and health sciences.
Erasmus MC
World-class education programs in medicine and health sciences.
Empowering Future Health Innovators Through Excellence in Medical Education.
Time Management and Personal Goal Setting.
Timebug is a social, life optimization app that keeps you accountable to yourself and others.
Madrassa Tul Madina | Dawat - i - Islami
A cloud based madrassa management system
An evaluation system was built for Dawat-i-Islami, a world-renowned organization working in 200 countries.
MES Financials
A fintech system to manage the Assets and Pension
A financial investment system designed for expats and non-UK residents to multi-currency holdings and flexible investment options.
Erasmus MC
Pioneering Healthcare Innovation
A leading medical center in Netherlands, renowned for groundbreaking research, advanced patient care, and comprehensive medical education.
Roomer Travel
A Travel Marketplace working in more than 20 countries
A marketplace for selling & buying discounted hotel reservations, right now working in more than 20 countries.
Stanford SpineKeeper
A healthcare mobile app
The Stanford SpineKeeper app will provide data about your activity, fitness, and back pain. These results could certainly generate a wide range of emotions.
Surveying System by UNICEF
An online surveying system
Build and improve the surveying system for UNICEF
A cloud based LMS for employees
A system for employees to enroll in different courses to enhance their skills.
Rapid Spike
Business-Critical Website Monitoring
Our Biggest Clients are TESCO, MORRISONS, Jet2.com, JD, MAMAS & PAPAS, and many more.
Ourea Systems
Technology to Power your Wealth Management Business
Ourea, is the data engine to power all your business needs.
AI Process Automation
Audit documents in an instant with the power of AI.
Holiday Swap
A Travel Platform that allows you to book, host, or swap homes anywhere anytime.
The second-largest Home Swapping Platform in the world working in 185 countries, allows you to swap or host your space.
Alliance Abroad
A solution for Recruiting offshore candidates
A system that helps people in hassle-free manner to get recruited abroad
Modern Advisor
Online Financial Advisor
An online platform bringing high quality, low-cost and unbiased investment management to all Canadians.
DataOps by Datalytyx
Better Data Faster | Based on Gitlab Community Edition
Extended Gitlab Community Edition
RG Nets
A network for Telcos, Airports, and big businesses.
A network for service providers to maximize revenue, minimize cost and easily scale.