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Watch, discover, go live, and experience together—in real-time, on the original social streaming app! See what others are watching or share and have others join.

With Bopper, you quickly connect with like-minded people, and in terms, you begin to build and nourish authentic relationships. Watch your favorite content, and express and connect instantaneously. 

Experience your favorite creators, news development, sports, music, and everything else that’s worth watching with others!


The client approached us with a unique idea of Bopper (Formerly Cinemeet). The main idea was to connect with like-minded people and watch content together.

Users can broadcast what they are watching or interested in watching and other people and tune in by connecting with you.

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The client himself was a UI/UX designer and came up with a social networking-type idea to connect & watch content with like-minded people.

The application was meant to be built from the ground up so the architecture of the app was very important and it should be flexible enough for scalability.

We assigned our best backend engineers to build a scalable backend system with APIs and an admin panel for the client to keep track of all the analytics.

Our mobile experts were provided with a user-friendly UI/UX design according to the new trends and market standards. We integrated the design for all the available apple devices and integrated the APIs to connect with the backend and display the app.

Users have the ability to view & invite other users to watch the content. Apple Push Notifications, playing video content, and chatting with peers were also part of the app.

The application was built and delivered with quality work in a timely manner.

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