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Elevate your business with our enterprise software development services, tailored to your specific needs and aimed at driving growth. We focus on creating bespoke software Services that improve efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and encourage innovation.

All Our Services For Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Custom Software Development

We create software Services tailored to your specific enterprise requirements, boosting efficiency and enabling innovation.

Enterprise Web Development

Our Enterprise Web Development services are all about creating robust, scalable, and user-friendly websites and web applications tailored to meet your business needs.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

We design mobile applications that expand your enterprise's reach and improve customer engagement.

Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics services are designed to help you extract actionable insights from your data, enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Services

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity Services to protect your enterprise data and systems from threats.

Enterprise DevOps and Automation

Our DevOps Services help streamline your enterprise development process and accelerate deployment.

Enterprise Software Integration Services

We ensure seamless integration of your existing enterprise systems, improving communication and efficiency across your business.

Enterprise Quality Assurance and Testing

Our QA services ensure the quality and stability of your enterprise software through comprehensive testing and quality checks.

Enterprise Software Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing support to keep your enterprise software reliable, secure, and up-to-date.

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Enterprise Software Development Services lifecycle

Requirement Discovery and Planning

The first step in our process is to fully understand what you need from the software. This involves

  • Engaging with key stakeholders to gather critical requirements.
  • Analysing business processes to find ways software can improve efficiency.
  • Documenting detailed scenarios of how users will interact with the software and setting clear project objectives.
Design and System Architecture

With a clear understanding of requirements, we proceed to design a robust system. This stage involves:

  • Crafting high-level architecture that aligns with your business goals.
  • Developing detailed design documents, including user interfaces and data models.
  • Selecting the best technology stack and frameworks for your project.
Agile Development

Our development process is driven by Agile principles, ensuring flexibility and collaboration. This phase includes:

  • Building software in iterative sprints to allow for continuous feedback.
  • Version control for efficient collaboration among developers.
  • Implementing features and business logic based on the design.
Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount to us. Our testing and QA process encompasses

  • Comprehensive unit testing to ensure individual components work flawlessly
  • Integration testing to verify that components interact as expected.
  • System testing to ensure end-to-end functionality and compliance with requirements.
  • User acceptance testing to confirm that the software meets your business needs.
Seamless Deployment and Launch

We ensure a smooth deployment process, minimising disruption to your operations. This phase includes:

  • Configuring the production environment and ensuring readiness for launch.
  • Coordinating the deployment with your team to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Offering comprehensive training and support ensures that end-users can quickly adapt to the new software.
Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Once your software is deployed, we provide continuous support to ensure smooth operation. This phase includes:

  • Routine updates and security patches to keep the software secure and functioning optimally.
  • Technical assistance for users, offering help with any questions or technical problems.
  • Active monitoring to detect and resolve issues as they arise, maintaining system stability and performance.
Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Our commitment to innovation drives our ongoing approach to software development. In this stage, we:

  • Collect user feedback to guide future enhancements and additional features.
  • Explore emerging technologies to ensure your software stays current.
  • Use DevOps methodologies to streamline continuous integration and deployment
  • Work closely with you to discover new opportunities for improvement and innovative solutions.
Enterprise SDLC
Requirement Discovery and Planning
enterprise requirement
Design and System Architecture
enterprise architecture
enterprise agile
Testing and Quality Assurance
enterprise testing
Seamless Deployment and Launch
enterprise deployment
Ongoing Maintenance and Support
enterprise support
Continuous Improvement and Innovation
enterprise improvements

Our Enterprise Software Development Company Across Diverse Industries

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Why Clients Choose Tiksom for Enterprise Software Development

Deep Expertise and Industry Experience

Our extensive background allows us to understand the specific challenges each industry faces, enabling us to craft software Services that are precisely tailored to your business requirements.

Innovative Technology for a Competitive Edge

At Tiksom, we stay on the cutting edge of technology, using the latest tools and frameworks to ensure you get Services that give you a competitive advantage.

Strong and Lasting Client Relationships

We value our relationships with clients and work to ensure effective communication and collaboration throughout the development process.

Dedicated Customer Support and Maintenance

Our commitment to customer support extends beyond the initial deployment. Tiksom provides dedicated support channels with quick response times to resolve any issues you might encounter.

Fixed-Price Model

Under this model, we agree on a specific project price based on a defined set of requirements and deliverables. This approach is ideal when the project scope is clear and stable, providing cost certainty and clear timelines. However, changes to scope can result in additional costs, so it's best suited to well-defined projects.

Time and Materials (T&M) Model

The T&M model charges based on the actual time and resources spent on a project. This flexible approach is ideal when requirements are likely to change or when you need the freedom to adapt as the project progresses. While it offers flexibility, costs can increase if not managed properly, so frequent communication is essential.

Our Pricing Model for Enterprise Software Development

When it comes to enterprise software development, pricing models are designed to suit a range of project types, from fixed-scope contracts to ongoing partnerships.

Dedicated Team Model

In this model, you get a dedicated team of developers working for you for a set duration. This approach is perfect for long-term projects or when you need a high level of interaction with the development team. You pay for the team's time and expertise, allowing for complete control over the project’s direction.

Milestone-Based Pricing

In milestone-based pricing, we break down the project into key milestones, and payments are tied to the completion of each stage. This approach balances flexibility and structure, allowing you to monitor progress while maintaining cost control. It's a suitable option when you want to ensure project progress before releasing further funds

Value-Based Pricing

Value-based pricing is centred on the benefits your software provides. Instead of charging by time or deliverables, pricing is determined by the value added to your business. This model is most effective when the project's impact can be quantified, though it requires a deep understanding of your business operations.

Revenue Sharing or Performance-Based Pricing

With this model, our compensation is tied to your revenue or specific performance metrics, such as user adoption or sales growth. This approach requires trust and is typically used when the software has a direct impact on your revenue stream. It can be a win-win model, where success for one party benefits the other<

What Clients Say About Our Enterprise Software Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise software development involves creating software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of large businesses and organisations. These solutions often include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, and more.
We work with a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, technology, education, and more. Our solutions are adaptable to meet the unique needs of each industry.
The timeline varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. A typical enterprise software project can take several months to over a year, depending on requirements, features, and integrations.
We specialise in custom enterprise solutions, including ERP, CRM, business intelligence, data analytics, cloud-based applications, mobile apps, and more. We also offer software integration, maintenance, and support services.
Yes, we offer consulting services to help businesses identify their software needs, define project requirements, and design the most effective solutions. Our experts work closely with you to understand your business and provide valuable insights.
We primarily use Agile and Scrum methodologies, which allow for flexibility, collaboration, and rapid development. This ensures that we can adapt to changing requirements and deliver high-quality software efficiently
We primarily use Agile and Scrum methodologies, which allow for flexibility, collaboration, and rapid development. This ensures that we can adapt to changing requirements and deliver high-quality software efficiently.
We have a comprehensive quality assurance process, including unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing. We follow industry best practices to ensure the software is reliable and meets your requirements.
We maintain open communication through regular meetings, email updates, and project management tools. Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure transparency and keep them informed throughout the development process.
We understand that requirements may change. We follow Agile methodologies that allow for flexibility, but we also work with you to manage changes and ensure they align with the project timeline and budget.
We offer various pricing models, including fixed-price, time-and-materials, milestone-based, and dedicated teams. We'll work with you to choose the model that best suits your project's needs and budget.
Yes, we offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your software remains functional and up-to-date. We provide technical support, bug fixes, updates, and more.

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