GPS-based travel app for audio tours curated by experts


Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL

GeoTourist is your own personal tour guide for the world's most interesting attractions, landmarks, and beyond. Based on your exact location access auto-play guided audio tours in multiple languages right on your smartphone. 

GeoTourist creates your own tours, posts photos, and shares your experiences via social media. It provides the facility that you can build your own journeys by creating an audio trail using our simple interface and inspiring others to walk in your footsteps.


Geo Tourist is a platform to enhance the traveling experience. The system provides a location-based audio tour of the location.

The client approached us due to our extensive experience in the travel domain and the main goal was to improve and enhance the user experience of the system by maintaining the current system..

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As the system was already working in different countries so our technical experts started by deep diving into the code and getting to know how the system is built. 

Our experienced team carried out brilliant efforts and understood the current system architecture.

The main goal was to maintain and apply some bug fixes in the current without any ripple effect.

Apart from that, we added some upgrades to the application and made the application bug free which improved the user experience of the app.

The project came to end with outstanding results and the client was satisfied with the work.

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