Development Services

Tiksom has extensive experience in Blockchain development and has several years of industry expertise. We at Tiksom have a team of professional Blockchain developers who deliver efficient, reliable, robust, portable, and maintainable code.

What's included in our Blockchain services?

We offer reliable and secure Blockchain technologies, to ensure building advanced and decentralized solutions for your brand. See our Blockchain development services:

Smart Contract Development

Get your contracts secured without the involvement of third parties and intermediaries.

Wallet Development

We provide business focused security control effectiveness to your crypto wallets.

Exchange Development

We use high security protocols allowing multiple payment methods to our user friendly exchange solutions.

Defi Development

Innovating the financial system operations with our Defi development services with the benefits of privacy, transparency and convenience.

Hyperledger Development

Enterprise level Blockchain solution provider using Hyperledger tools and frameworks.


White Paper Development

Your credibility is increased by the technology-focused content of white papers, especially with your target audience.

Developing an application with Blockchain?

Blockchain Platforms We Work On:

We offer end to end blockchain solutions working with different platforms like.
An open source and decentralized blockchain network whose native currency is Ether (ETH).
A project to create required frameworks, standards and tools to build blockchain applications.
Ethereum scaling platform to build user friendly apps.
A public blockchain platform that offers internal transactions with the proof of stake consensus.
A decentralized proof of stake project supporting builders to create and host scalable apps.
The world’s leading blockchain ecosystem that supports the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies.
An ever expanding project of developing interoperable and customized blockchain apps.
An open-source decentralized protocol blockchain platform to create, send, and trade digital representations of all forms of money.
A COSMOS SDK built blockchain platform which swaps between supported blockchains and earns yield for liquidity.
A scalable, private and secure blockchain project for startup businesses.
A payment transfer network designed to provide secure global settlements and currency exchange instantly.
A secure and private, digital content sharing platform.

Our favorite part: the tech stack

Being an expert in Blockchain development, we assist clients at every step of the way. From consultation to concept and development, we are always be there to help you out.

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