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Our expertise spans the spectrum from web applications to the intricate realm of cross-platform development.
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Start Up Intro
Tiksom has extensive experience in .NET development and has several years of industry expertise. We at Tiksom have a team of professional .NET Developers who deliver efficient, reliable, robust, portable, and maintainable code.

Our .NET Development Services

health_icon Custom Application Development
we meticulously shape bespoke .NET applications, intricately aligning them with precise business prerequisites.
health_icon Enterprise Application Development
We offer migration services to transition legacy applications to the latest .NET versions.
health_icon E-commerce Solutions
We develop scalable and secure e-commerce platforms using .NET technologies and incorporating relevant features
health_icon Cloud-Based Solutions
We develop and deploy cloud-based applications using Microsoft Azure or other cloud platforms.
health_icon Custom API Development
We design and implement custom APIs to enable communication and data exchange between different software components.
health_icon Maintenance and Support
We provide ongoing maintenance and support services, including troubleshooting and performance monitoring.
Scrum metrics ensure that product
development stays on the right track

We use Scrum methodology, employing key metrics to track team success, ensure project health, maintain performance, adhere to the development plan, and detect risks or necessary changes early in the process.

health_icon Team velocity
Our product managers gauge team and individual velocity. This ensures that your project is on track and we can deliver the expected result within the deadlines.
health_icon Predictable burn-down
We monitor completed work against the total scope to manage project health and adhere to the plan.
health_icon Resolution time
We ensure that the time it takes to resolve a task remains consistent. If the time to complete development tasks increases, we extend the size of your team.
health_icon Software quality
The feature is only completed when it passes all tests and meets customer requirements. That's why we take a complex approach to tracking and analyzing actionable metrics: from test coverage to customer satisfaction.

.NET Development Lifecycle
The Steps From Requirements To Deployment


Requirements Analysis and Planning

We initiate development process by conducting an analysis of project requirements and Planning.


System Design and Architecture

We design the system architecture based on the gathered requirements after analysis.


Coding and Implementation

We start coding the application using the clean and maintainable code following best practices.


Testing and Quality Assurance

We conduct accurate testing of the developed application to identify and rectify performance issues.


Deployment and Maintenance

We deploy the .NET application to the intended environment, whether in-house or in the cloud.

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