Roomer Travel

A Travel Marketplace working in more than 20 countries


Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap jQuery MySQL

Roomer is a travel marketplace company headquartered in New York. It develops, markets, and operates the Roomer website and apps where users can list their non-refundable hotel reservations for sale and offer them to buyers at a discounted price.


The client came to us with an ambition to enhance and upgrade the already-built solution. The main challenge was to upgrade the legacy code with the latest tech stack without messing up the current functionality. 

Apart from that, we were asked to improve the design of the system and add some of the key features to the system by keeping the live traffic as it is.

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As Roomer Travel was working in more than 20 countries with millions of users at that time so the main challenge was to upgrade the system without disturbing the current user base.

Our team took the challenge with an open heart and devised an efficient strategy to upgrade the system. We implemented the proven best practices to achieve the desired results by keeping the current system intact.

While upgrading the tech stack we have faced some incompatible/complex issues that our experienced team has handled brilliantly by replacing them with the latest libraries. 

Our design team did a fantastic job by improving the UI/UX of the system. Our design wizards upgraded the design with new trends & technologies by keeping the industry standards in mind. 

Overall, it was a great experience for us and the client was overjoyed with our efforts as we achieved and delivered the desired scope in time.

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