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Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL React Webpack

In the era of digitalization, local commerce becomes less important. On our system we allow you to build your Online Store from your Smartphone for free. No matter what type of business you run, branchbob allows you to get your business online in minutes.


The client came to us due to our matchless expertise in the E-commerce domain. 

The main idea was to upgrade the online payment feature for the system. The system was using deprecated payment gateway APIs.  

This was a time-sensitive project and needed extraordinary efforts to upgrade the live system without disturbing the user experience.

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Our multi-talented team carried out extraordinary efforts and started by understanding the current system architecture in a limited time, which was a big challenge.

The system was using stripe as a payment gateway and the current APIs were deprecated. So the main challenge was to replace the existing deprecated APIs with the latest Stripe APIs without changing the functionality of the system. 

We have used our hands-on expertise in payment gateways and applied the required solution to the point. We used industry-standard strategies for testing the system before making it live for the users.

In the end, we successfully delivered the product with the new Stripe APIs implemented across the whole system, and the smooth transition to the latest feature made our day.

The client was over the moon due to our extraordinary efforts.

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