Cigar Seek

The ultimate cigar search engine.


Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL Heroku

Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or just starting your cigar journey, CigarSeek is your go-to destination for finding the finest cigars at unbeatable prices. From sought-after limited editions to everyday favorites, CigarSeek ensures that you'll discover the ideal cigar to suit your preferences and budget.


Team CigarSeek took Tiksom on board to build it from scratch. We came up with an efficient strategy:

  • Perform Web scraping by fetching the HTML content of the target webpage. 
  • Sending HTTP requests to the target website's server to retrieve the HTML content.
  • Handling Dynamic Content
  • Extracted data is typically saved and stored directly in a database for further analysis or usage.

  • Due to user traffic in millions efficiency was their major concern
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  • Data Processing and Cleaning.
  • Ensure the extracted data is in a suitable format for storage in the PostgreSQL database.
  • Generate a Rails model that represents the table where you want to store the scraped data.
  • Error Handling and Testing: Handle errors that may occur during web scrapings, such as connection errors or data extraction failures.
  • Write tests: Create test cases for your web scraping process to ensure it functions correctly and efficiently.

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