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ContentTools helps customers create incredible content experiences for their customers and employees. We take the time to understand the underlying business objectives, principals, and value propositions to develop interactives that best relay the information they wish to present. 

ContentTools demonstrate value with Interactive Calculators. These calculators are a fantastic tool to employ with interactive marketing to showcase the value that you are bringing your customers. With calculators, users can see what data users are entering.


Content Tools is a platform to create interactive content for marketing. The system will provide hassle-free content for the marketing of the client’s business.

The main objective is to get as many details as required from the customers based on an algorithm to generate marketing content for them.

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ContentTools was an already built system so we started off by exploring the existing system to get ourselves familiar with the codebase.

After getting the requirements of the system our engineers started designing the marketing content algorithm. 

The algorithm was based on pre-defined dynamic questions that provides the result once all the questions were answered.

That was a tricky task as we have to craft rules based on different parameters to generate the result. Our developer did a fantastic job designing and implementing the system.

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