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Travel With Context Across the Globe. We offer virtual tours of over 60 cities across 6 continents. Context is a network of scholars and specialists whose aim is to invite travelers off the tourist track and into the real life of the people, history, and culture of the world's greatest cities.


Context Travel is a platform to experience the world with leading experts virtually. The system will provide personal tours for intentional travelers.

The main focus of the system was to create virtual tours for the users. The users will have the ability to select and book the tours by filtering the currently available tours.

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Context Travel was a big system with numerous users so the main challenge was to understand the current codebase before jumping into development.

Our senior and experienced developer assigned to this project has experience dealing with such large projects.

The core functionality of the system was to create virtual tours for travelers who want to visit those places personally. 

The system allows the users to search and find the tours from already available tours and book the time and date from the calendar to have a virtual tour from home. 

Apart from the above functionalities, there were some other features as well like user authentication and payment gateway implementation, etc.

Overall it was a great learning experience for us.

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