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Crema is the coffee marketplace of the future, with machine-learning coffee recommendations, customized maps of subscribers' coffee palates, and a focus on the entire supply chain of coffee with hardworking producers and roasters front and center. 

Crema roasters are frequently featured in "Top 10" lists and source their coffees responsibly, often through Direct Trade. Every coffee is custom-roasted and drop-shipped directly to the subscriber from the roaster.


Crema is a widely used coffee marketplace and our vast experience building marketplaces attracted the client to work with us.

The scope of the project was to enhance the current system by adding new features, updating the UI, and maintaining the system by fixing the problems with the current features.

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Crema was a medium-sized application so we assigned our best web engineers to maintain the app.

We started off by exploring the existing system, from architecture to all the feature sets to get ourselves familiar with the codebase.

After getting familiarized with the system our brilliant frontend engineer started building a UI for a new feature in the latest and modern Javascript framework.  

Apart from that, Crema supports coffee subscriptions at the lowest rate so that users can pause and resume anytime.

User has the ability to log in to the system to view the list of our premium quality coffees and shop according to their taste and your coffee will be shipped free of cost.

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