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Cyphere provides comprehensive infrastructure security assessment services to customers and covers a wide range of computing environments including systems, servers, networks, and software applications. It gives the customers an ease of life in securing the digital assets and provides a visualized issue tracking and vulnerabilities assessments to prioritize, mitigate and take action before exploitation and compromisation happen.


Cyphere approached us due to our dependability in building MVPs for startups. 

The main goal of the MVP was to build a comprehensive vulnerability scanning and reporting solution that will help organizations in identifying security vulnerabilities. It will provide a detailed report of the vulnerabilities and their associated severity level and recommendations for the remediation process.

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The end goal was to build and deliver a Cyber Security System for Cyphere to help their clients and team achieve it successfully. 

We started off with sketching and bringing the idea to life. Our design team created a user-friendly UI/UX design according to the market standards. A simple yet modern and attractive design was crafted and delivered.

Our web development team pounced on the design and built the MVP quickly based on our previous experience. 

We built a system that has the capability to scan the vulnerability report to build a dashboard around it for the customers to visualize and decide the plan to fix the vulnerabilities according to their severities

As it was a Cyber Security system so we had to be very cautious about the security of the system. We explored and implemented modern & proven security techniques to build a secure system.

A modern yet simple admin panel is built for the client to review all the analytics and visualize the data via colorful and attractive charts.

Our team successfully completed and delivered the project in a span of a very short time and our was over the moon with our commitment and service.

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