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Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL AWS EC2

Datalytyx is a one-stop platform for 100% of your DataOps lifecycle to enable agility and responsiveness, with no compromise on data security & governance. Datalytyx makes volume and velocity an advantage, not a burden. Datalytyx helps you to tackle the biggest, most data-intensive analysis and make decisions faster.


Datalytyx is one of the projects Tiksom is proud of. It is a very complex & large system based on the GitLab community edition. 

The client approached us on the basis of our track record of good delivery of projects in the past. The main highlight was to enhance the feature set of the existing open-source code of GitLab. It was a multi-stack project that needed vast exposure to understand and deliver. 

The client wanted us to add new features and upgrade the tech stack of the system but the heart of the all was to update the current single pipeline CI/CD functionality to support a multi-pipeline system. 

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Our multi-talented team carried out extraordinary efforts and started by understanding the current system architecture in a limited time, which was a big challenge.

After getting familiar with the system our backend team jumped into the code and started converting the single-pipeline system to multi-pipeline architecture by keeping the system alive and kicking. This was a huge feature that required some extraordinary engineering skills and our team achieved it with perfection.

After the multi-pipeline, it was a smooth ride. We implemented many other features like customization of DBTdocs (An open source tool for documentation) and chat feature. 

At last, we were presented with another challenge of upgrading this enormous system. It was an enormous task that needed brilliant strategy and planning. Our most experienced developer took the lead and showed extraordinary skills by achieving this task in a span of very limited time.

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