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Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL

Easymove connects you with professional and reliable local movers anytime you need them. It's the smartest alternative to traditional movers, renting a truck and doing it yourself. Our app connects you with local independent strong easy movers to help with moving, hauling, and junk removal. Easymove is a fast, easy, and affordable way to get help with your apartment move, or new stuff delivered from stores.


Easymove is a delivery management system. The client came to us to help them in both web & mobile development. 

The main scope of work was to maintain both web & mobile apps and fix delivery-related issues. Some of the backend APIs were not working properly and needs some fixing.

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EasyMove was a medium-sized application so we assigned our best web & mobile engineers to maintain the app.

The core issues were on the backend APIs so our engineers spend quality time understanding the architecture and code of the system.

After getting familiarized with the code we fixed some delivery issues as well as some of the payment issues on the backend.

Our mobile team managed the iOS mobile app and fixed some of the google maps & chat issues in the system.

We maintained the application for a good amount of time and delivered the codebase with quality work by eliminating bugs and improving the performance of the system.

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