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Eduleaf is an automated online tool that allows the grading of ordinary paper-based exams containing any type of questions. It can handle math questions, chemical diagrams, essay questions, as well as multiple-choice. 


Eduleaf facilitates grading exams by making the process super simple. It provides faster, more efficient, and more accurate results with the facility of automated grading.

The main idea was to build a system that will be capable of grading handwritten paper-based exams by scanning and uploading the paper to the server.

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The application was meant to be built from scratch so the architecture of the app was so important that it could bear the load of numerous users and should be flexible enough to scale.

The core responsibilities of the system were to scan the paper-based exam sheet and upload it to the server. 

Once the paper is uploaded, the user will define and arrange answers for better understanding before moving to the grading process.

The next process was to grade the exams and generate customized reports based on the exam results and send them to students as well as the management.

The system will keep a copy of the result in the cloud for future reference.

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