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Welcome to AKME, where events of every kind are at your fingertips. Our platform revolutionizes the way users connect, engage, and immerse themselves in live and recorded events worldwide.

Connecting Users to Events:

At AKME, we believe in bringing people closer to events instantaneously. With just a tap, users can connect, listen, watch, and engage in any event, regardless of their location.

Fostering Community Engagement:

AKME is more than just an event platform; it's a community of individuals with shared interests. Our goal is to enhance and immortalize the event experience by fostering connections and interactions among users.

Real-Time Interaction:

Experience events in real-time with AKME. From posting and commenting on events to messaging other users, AKME ensures that users are actively engaged and immersed in the event atmosphere.

Join AKME today and unlock a world of endless event possibilities. Whether you're attending live events or experiencing them from the comfort of your home, AKME ensures that you're fully immersed and engaged every step of the way. Start connecting, listening, watching, and engaging with AKME now!


The client approached us due to our expertise in Mobile Application Development especially in Flutter. AKME is a comprehensive social networking platform for Canadian Artists and performers.

The project was already built so the main challenge was to understand the current architecture of the platform to maintain the project and add new features.

The app was supposed to use Vimeo for managing videos and live streams. The current code was using Vimeo and Firebase so the major challenge was to remove Firebase and use the Vimeo without messing around with the architecture of the system.

Another challenge was to update and improve the Supabase(database) queries by understanding the current schema of the database.

Start Up Intro
Start Up Intro

Our expert Mobile development team took the challenge and devised an efficient strategy to get the job done. We implemented the proven best practices to achieve the desired results by keeping the current system intact.

Our Flutter experts took the challenge with open arms and after getting an understanding of the system, we started fixing the video issues of the system and achieved it in the said timelines.

Our expert backend team dug into the backend to update the database queries by understanding the database architecture and schema. We achieved the desired results and improved the database queries.

The goal was not just to improve & implement the functionality but to do it efficiently. The efficiency and performance of the code was stupendous.

Overall it was a great learning experience for us and the client was overjoyed with collaboration and timely delivery.

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