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FoneWire is a local digital currency that allows users to pay and receive payments via mobile app, it also allows millions of users in Africa & Asia to have a mobile bank account where remittances can be sent directly from the UK & USA to Africa & Asia in minutes whilst improving financial inclusion and ensure user buy and spend whilst creating a bulging local community. FoneWire is targeting 200 - 500 million prospective customers in the UK, Africa & Asia. These markets are ripe for disruption and FoneWire is looking at using technology to improve and make the markets more efficient.


Fonewire’s founder came up with the idea to disrupt the Fintech world. The idea was to build a digital payment system by generating a cryptocurrency based on the Steller coin that will be used to transfer currency from one part of the world to another. The app was required to build from scratch. The main goal was to build a flexible and secure Fintech Application that could handle numerous users.

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Our business analysts started off with research required for blockchain implementation to evaluate the feasibility of the project and after getting satisfactory results we started with App designing & development. 

The application was meant to be built from scratch so the architecture of the app was so important that it could bear the load of numerous users and should be flexible enough to scale.

Our design team created a user-friendly UI/UX according to the Fintech market standards. A simple yet modern mobile app and admin panel design was crafted and delivered.  

Our Backend team took the charge of developing the powerhouse backend for the Fonewire Mobile Apps. 

The core responsibility of the backend team is to connect and generate the Fonewire Token with the Steller network as well as implement all the web services required for the mobile apps to connect and get the data. 

Along with the above, we built an admin panel/back office for the client to keep track of everything. A comprehensive admin panel with analytics along with attractive charts was delivered to fulfill the requirements.

Our Mobile Team did a fantastic job to give life to the mobile app design and produce an app that serves the purpose.​ ​We constructed an app from the ground up and crafted a complete Fintech solution involving the send/receiving payments from all over the world with a simple one-click approach.

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