Golf courses with direct golfers


Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL

Customer experience is our product. Golfpay makes it easier for golf courses to transact more business direct with golfers, and it gives golfers the customer experience that will keep them coming back.


Golfpay onboards golfers onto our customer experience platform as they make contact with your golf course and all of this happens automatically.

The main idea of this project was to maintain the current system and add new features to the system.

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As Golfpay was a pretty big system and had to analyze it carefully to find out how the system will react to changes and how many ripples could the change cause. 

The system was using StimulusJS and Stimulus Reflux as its builtin JS Framework so  

after analyzing the system, we assigned our senior Ruby on Rails team and they started off by integrating the Chartkick library for adding interactive and colorful charts for analytics. 

Our backend engineers did a fantastic job by understanding the database structure and the data flow to feed the data to charts to keep track of analytics.

Moreover, we added new features to the system as well as added test cases to ensure reliability of the system. 

The client was pretty satisfied with our efforts and the way we did feature added to the system without affecting the existing functionality.

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