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Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails React PostgreSQL

HelpfulCrowd helps businesses accelerate growth through the collection of authentic 360-degree consumer feedback for marketing and to provide invaluable, timely, and actionable insights for continual improvement.


Helpful Crowd is a digital review marketing platform that drives more traffic to improve the business.

The main scope of the project was to maintain the current system and add new features without compromising the user experience and the data integrity.

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Solutions / Responsibilities

Helpful Crowd was an already working system with numerous users so the main challenge was to understand the current codebase before jumping into development.

We assigned our senior and experienced team that has experience dealing with such projects.

Customer reviews influence buying decisions which significantly boosts sales and conversions. 

The system collects more business reviews, share real stories from real customers, and gets seen in search results to drive more footfall traffic.

Our engineers did a great job in understanding and maintaining the current system to achieve what was required.

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