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Tech Stack

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HipChefs serves as a comprehensive solution empowering culinary entrepreneurs to expand their small-scale enterprises dedicated to offering homemade meals within their local communities. This innovative platform facilitates the seamless launch of personalized B2C websites equipped with efficient ordering functionalities. HipChefs instills confidence in chefs by providing indispensable productivity tools for sustainable growth and effective business management. Notable features encompassed in our platform include menu support, a shop and cook calculator, delivery reports, and comprehensive business and marketing support incorporating analytics, CRM, and marketing content.

HipChefs stands as an all-encompassing business-in-a-box platform, furnishing chefs with:

  1. A white-labeled e-commerce site
  2. An intuitive dashboard for easy monitoring
  • An automated workflow streamlining:Meal planning supported by menu options
  • Generation of shopping lists
  • Cooking facilitated by automatically scaled recipes
  • Packaging and delivery reporting
  • CRM capabilities

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