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Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL AWS EC2

Hire Society is a high-end staffing agency with a distinct advantage. We are built by veterans of the domestic, corporate, and luxury service communities.


The client approached us with a mission to create a modern recruitment system for their agency to make recruitment extremely simple for companies. 

The idea was to build the system from the ground up to strive and create a personalized and efficient experience for everyone that comes through our doors.

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As this application was from scratch so our expert architects started off with building the flexible architecture and this was the first step towards building the scalable application. 

After the basic architecture, our tech gurus moved on to build the recruitment features.

The system has almost all the recruitment features like Multiple user roles for Job seekers and Companies, Job Listings, Clients, and Job seeker onboarding. 

Once a Job Seeker applies for a job, the system has a comprehensive multi-step onboarding process to keep things transparent and smooth for hiring the right candidate.

Our skilled engineers used modern and proven techniques for building the system features with fabulous user experience.

The client was pretty satisfied with our efforts and the quality of the work we contributed to the system

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