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Madrassa Tul Madinah presents a cutting-edge online madrassa automation solution designed exclusively for Dawat e Islami UK. As a charitable organization with a global reach and over 26,000 dedicated workers, Dawat e Islami sought to streamline its operations, specifically in the management of various franchises. This encompassed tasks such as enrolling students, tracking attendance, and managing teachers and courses. The objective was to replace labor-intensive manual processes with an efficient digital solution.


The primary challenge faced by Dawat e Islami UK was the cumbersome nature of handling paperwork across its diverse franchises. Tasks like student enrollment, attendance tracking, and the management of teaching staff and courses were being handled manually. The organization needed a comprehensive solution to automate these processes, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping.

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Our dedicated team embraced this challenge with enthusiasm and successfully crafted an advanced online madrassa solution. This platform was designed to empower Dawat e Islami UK to effortlessly manage its operations, providing a seamless experience for administrators. The solution not only automated the previously manual tasks but also offered an intuitive interface for streamlined and efficient management. By implementing this innovative solution, our team has enabled Dawat e Islami UK to transition away from manual file processing, ensuring accurate record-keeping and operational efficiency.

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