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Ruby Ruby on Rails MySQL Angular

ModernAdvisor is an online and automated investing service (robo-advisor) that offers Canadians a better and low-cost way to invest for their future. The company charges a transparent management fee and builds diversified portfolios using ETFs. 

The company complements expert investment insights with proprietary algorithms and an interactive website to bring sophisticated and low-cost investment management to every Canadian.


Modern Advisor is your online financial advisor for the Canadian market. It helps improves your financials by making your money work for you.

The main goal and the scope of work were to improve the code coverage by adding the test cases as well as to add reporting features to the system.

Furthermore, exporting/importing CSV files and maintaining the code were also part of the requirements.

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Modern Advisor was a pretty big system and had to analyze it carefully to find out how the system will react to changes and how many ripples could the change cause. 

After analyzing and getting to know the system, our experienced backend engineer started adding features into the system.

One of the major features was to improve the code coverage by adding new test cases and fixing the already written code.

After making the required progress in the test case our engineers worked on importing and exporting CSV files and building a complete feature with 100% coverage.

Furthermore, we improved the system by fixing the bugs and maintaining the codebase to enhance the user experience.

Overall, it turned out to be a successful project for us and the client was satisfied with our performance.

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