The Online Booking System for Barbers


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Nearcut is an appointment Booking system & marketplace for barbers. The idea is to grow your business more efficiently with the facility of the online booking system. The system facilitates the barbers with personalized web & mobile apps to take online bookings.


Nearcut is a widely used marketplace and our vast experience in this domain attracted the client to work with us.

The scope of the project was to enhance the current system by adding new features and to maintain the system by fixing the problems with the current features.

The main scope was to improve the performance of the system, create SEO-friendly URLs and add some upgrades to the admin panel.

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Nearcut is a docker-based containerized CRM system for barbers. As we took the charge, our tech wizards dived into the code to analyze and understand how the current system is built.

We started the development by adding some pages to the CRM. Along with this feature, we added test cases to ensure the reliability of the system. 

Performance issues were reported and we took the challenge head-on by diving into the database schema & queries. Our backend and performance experts analyzed and proposed the updates in queries and some improvements like adding indexes on tables improved the performance remarkably.

Some improvements like validations, adding backlinks to the system as well as SEO including User-Friendly URLs were also implemented in the system.

Last but not least, admin panel upgrades were embedded in the system to keep things simple and available for the admins to track everything properly.

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