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Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL

Ourea is the data engine to power all your business needs. We built Ourea to integrate directly with all major Wealth Product providers, and your existing CRM, providing uniform, seamless data across all products and providers, Clients, Advisors, Managers, Admin, Accounting, and Compliance.


The client came to us with an ambition to enhance and upgrade the already-built solution. The main challenge was to upgrade the legacy code with the latest tech stack without messing up the current functionality. 

Apart from that, we were asked to improve code coverage by adding new test cases and fixing all the test case issues by keeping the live traffic as it is.

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Ourea was a huge system with millions of users so the main challenge was to understand the current codebase before jumping into development.

We assigned our senior and experienced team that has experience dealing with such large projects.

Our team took the challenge with open arms and devised an efficient strategy to upgrade the system. We implemented the proven best practices to achieve the desired results by keeping the current system intact.

While replacing the deprecated and incompatible libraries with the latest and compatible gems and libraries to keep the system updated. 

The next and one of the toughest challenges was to fix all the test cases that had gone out of order due to the upgrades we did above. Ourea was a very big system and had a huge test suite so our team struggled a bit there but in the end, we managed to fix all test case issues as well as added new test cases and improved the code coverage.

Overall it was a great experience for us and the client was overjoyed with our efforts as we achieved and delivered the desired scope in time.

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