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Our Trusted Client Base: TESCO, MORRISONS, Jet2.com, JD, MAMAS & PAPAS, and many more.

RapidSpike is a cutting-edge online platform that specializes in comprehensive website performance monitoring and cybersecurity solutions. Designed for businesses of all sizes, RapidSpike offers a suite of tools and services to ensure the optimal functioning and security of websites and online applications. With features like real-time performance monitoring, uptime tracking, and advanced security scans, RapidSpike empowers businesses to proactively detect issues, enhance user experiences, and safeguard against cyber threats. Whether you're an e-commerce site, a corporate entity, or a web application developer, RapidSpike.com equips you with the insights and tools needed to maintain a resilient and secure online presence.


Team RapidSike took Tiksom on board to boost the maintenance & development work. Domain understanding of a product with such a large scale was really a challenging task for our team, we had to go through hundreds of thousands of lines of code. The main challenges were:

  • Understanding the domain and code architecture
  • Understanding the huge codebase 
  • Project Maintenance and new feature development
  • Manage the extensive DevOps work using AWS
  • Due to user traffic in millions efficiency was their major challenge
  • Update and Maintain the documentation properly

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Our development team is doing a great job by maintaining the code and adding new features.

  • Our developers spent hours understanding the domain of the system, it was a challenging task to grab the domain of such scale and we proudly did it in no time.
  • Our experienced backend engineers doing a great job by adding new features to the system
  • Our DevOps team is making a lot of effort in maintaining the AWS services. The system has tens of instances in multiple regions and handling them is a complicated task that our expert engineers do effortlessly
  • As well as adding new features we are maintaining the well-written documentation of the system

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