Aggregate & Analyse financial data and predict repayments


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Ruby on Rails Bootstrap PostgreSQL Heroku

You’re human. The unexpected happens to all of us. Our platform is an alternative to regular debt collection. We will help you repay your debt at a rate you can afford. And we won’t add fees! That means you’ll use less of your money and repay your debt faster.


Reepei is an efficient debt-collection platform. The client came up with an idea to solve the problem of the regular debt collection process. 

The system is required to aggregate and analyze the financial data of the user and will calculate the amount a debtor can pay on monthly basis according to the expense of the user.

The business will register on the platform and will invite the debtor to the platform for easy debt repayment in installments without any extra charges.

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Reepei is another FinTech system that our team built and delivered successfully. The client wanted to build an MVP for debt collection. 

Our web development team pounced on the requirements and built the MVP quickly based on our previous experience. 

We built a system that has the capability to register the businesses and allow them to invite their customers & debt to pay their debt in installments according to their ease.

We explored and implemented the Open Banking APIs using proven techniques to get the user bank account data and devise the installment plan for users based on their expenses. A seamless transfer of payments from user to business using a modern payment processor.

A modern yet simple admin panel is built for the client to review all the analytics and visualize the data via colorful and attractive charts.

Our team successfully completed and delivered the project in a span of very short time.

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