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Scott Laidler is a personal trainer having over 12 years of professional experience and has transformed the physiques of Oscar-winning actors, Paralympic athletes, and military service personnel.

It is an Online coaching service that enables you to benefit from world-class instruction and expertise for a fraction of what it would cost to work with your local personal trainer in person.


The client got inspired by our previous work in web development and wanted to put his baby in our care by maintaining the current system and adding some new and essential features.

The main scope of work was to build an algorithm that will create a meal plan on the basis of the training and results that the user wants to achieve. Some other system updates and feature additions were also part of the project scope.

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Scott Laider App was quite a large product and the client had a lot of expectations so we appointed the best of our team members to get this job done.

We started off by exploring the existing system, from architecture to all the feature sets to get ourselves familiar with the codebase.

After getting the requirements know-how of the system our engineers started designing the meal plan algorithm. That was a tricky task as we have to craft rules based on different parameters to generate the meal plan. Our tech wizards did a fantastic job designing and implementing the meal plan algorithm.

The goal was not just to design & implement the functionality but to do it in an efficient way. The efficiency and performance of the algorithm were stupendous.

Apart from that, we did some upgrades to the existing functionalities like updating the video content library to make it more user-friendly.

Overall it was a great learning experience for us and the client was overjoyed with collaboration and timely delivery.

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