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Simplicant is a next-generation, cloud-based talent acquisition, and social recruiting platform to target and effectively engage talent. It makes the hiring process seamless by helping companies source, interview & onboard top talent. Find top talent from multiple sources, organize and manage interviews and make faster and better decisions.


Simplicant was a very advanced large-scale applicant tracking system to make recruitment a piece of cake for the companies. 

we were required to handle the project management of the product as well as add new features to the product. 

Social Logins and data parsing from the resumes of the applicants were one of the major features we were asked to implement.

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As Simplicant was a huge system and had to analyze it carefully to find out how the system will react to changes and how many ripples could the change cause. 

Before jumping into the code we needed to understand the current codebase so our lead Ruby on Rails engineer started looking into it.

After getting a basic understanding of the code, the developer was assigned to parse data from the candidate resumes and save it to the database after some required processing. 

Social Login was another key feature that the developer implemented, mainly LinkedIn login was requested so that the system could be able to fetch the candidate data.

Apart from the above features our developer had the privilege to manage the developers working on Simplicant.

The project came to end with fabulous results and the client was satisfied with the work.

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