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Your spine is among the strongest parts of your body. Stanford SpineKeeper asking you to join in a global study of spine health. Through your phone (or wearable band or smartwatch), they make it easy to "donate" data about your physical activity, and sleep, and assess your fitness and risk factors, to understand better how to have a healthy back.


Standford SpineKeeper is our pride. Stanford University approached us with the idea to study the issues related to the spine and suggestions to improve spine health. 

The core idea was to conduct research by getting data from users and suggest them solutions for the next 28 days to get their activity data and use that information to prepare a research report about spine health.

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The Stanford SpineKeeper app was required to build from scratch. The client provided us with a simple yet brilliant UI/UX design for the app.

We started off with the initial research for the application. Our research team spent a good amount of time and suggested ResearchKit (an open-source framework for medical research) and CareKit (an open-source framework for users to manage their health based on tracking symptoms and activities)

ResearchKit & CareKit were to use along with HealthKit to store and analyze all the user data.

The core feature of the application was to add the ability for the users to fill out the survey form based on ResearchKit and jot down some solutions for the users to follow for the next 28 days to improve their spine health.

The users have the ability to mark the daily suggested solutions to keep track of the activities. After 28 days the data was shared with the Stanford Research team with the consent of the user for the sake of research and study the spine health.

This project put a great learning curve and gave a good experience to our mobile team in implementing new open-source frameworks.

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