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The Stonks Trading Ecosystem not only revolutionizes money management, but we believe it will also give power to the user by granting ownership of part of the company to the people, truly giving a voice on Wall Street to the commoners of the world.


Stonks Trading was a trading application that helps people trade in stocks and cryptocurrency. 

The scope of work includes adding graphical charts for analytics and adding open banking APIs to get the transaction data as well as the integration of Trading APIs to help users in trading.

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Stonks Trading was an already-built Mobile App. The client approached us to add some advanced features to the application.

After getting to know the understanding of the codebase our mobile wizards used our Fintech experience and integrated the Plaid Open Banking API to get the required bank account data. 

The next plan was to integrate the world-renowned trading API Alpaca into the app to give users a seamless trading experience. Having already worked on many fintech apps and played with Alapca and Open banking APIs, we did the required job brilliantly well.

Last but not least, we implemented the charting APIs to show different analytical charts for user insights and better decision-making. We completed all requirements in time and the client was very satisfied with our performance.

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