Surveying System by UNICEF

An online surveying system


Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails Bootstrap jQuery

Unicef is a charitable organization serving more than 190 countries across the globe. Project Primero is a Unicef collab, Primero is an application designed to help child protection workers and social workers in humanitarian and development contexts manage data on vulnerable children and survivors of violence.


Our previous work inspired client with different charitable organizations and came to us with the already-built system having live users.

The main challenge was to understand the already written code, maintain the current system, and add new features to it without breaking any existing functionality.

Challenge Image
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As the system was already built so our technical experts started by deep diving into the code and getting to know how the system is built. 

After a complete analysis of the system, we started by adding new features in the system. Based on previous experience we delivered the features with great quality.

Our skilled engineers used modern and proven techniques for new features added to the system without messing with the current functionality.

The client was satisfied and passed all the acceptance tests and happily approved the updates and upgrades in the project.

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