Tax Taker

Platform to help startups in getting funded easily


Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails Bootstrap jQuery SASS

Give your company a cash boost through a tried and true process. Due to a lack of awareness that they qualify or by not having the resources to apply for it. TaxTaker’s success model ensures there is zero risk for a Startup to apply and capture the funding they’re entitled to.


Tax Taker was a Fintech system to help startups get funding easily. The client approached us due to our brilliant expertise in the FinTech domain. 

The main scope of work was to build a flexible backend for the front-facing React JS app to handle millions of users at any time.

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Tax Taker has to be built from the ground up so our architects worked diligently to design a flawless architecture of the app to support millions of users and future updates.

After the architectural design, our expert backend engineer started building the backend APIs for the frontend app. 

The main concern was the high quality and high performance of the system so we used the latest trends and best practices to ensure the quality of the product.

Writing the test cases was one of the best & proven techniques to ensure that everything is intact and working according to the requirement so we made sure to use unit test cases for all the backend modules.

Overall the project went well and the client was satisfied with our team’s performance and timely delivery of the required system.

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