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An intelligent technology-driven platform that helps people grow their business by inserting and importing data all the way into consolidated PDFs for digital signature and annotations in compliance with the security and integrity of your data.


The idea was to build an automated tool for data processing that the client was manually managing with excel sheets. The client wanted a security-compliant system that could merge, sort and generate a consolidated PDF by extracting data from excel sheets. 

The resultant consolidated PDF file will be shared with the client for review and confirm the details via digital signatures.

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We took this challenge with our arms wide open. Our project management team spent an ample amount of time in requirement gathering before passing it on to the technical team. 

The heart of the project was to map the huge data files to the database of the system so that once the user uploads the file, the system will insert all the data efficiently and accurately. The system was designed in such a way as to handle huge amounts of data without any glitches.

After importing the data efficiently, we designed functionality to merge the data forms to generate a consolidated PDF for users to review and verify by using a digital signature via DocuSign.

Our design team put all the creativity and intelligence to build an awesome UI/UX design for the system with a great user experience and built interactive dashboards for users and admins. 

This project put a great learning curve and gave a good experience to our team in implementing encryptions and generating documents for digital signatures.

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