Total Rehab

Digital Physiotherapy App


Tech Stack

React JS Node JS React Native

Total Rehab is a complete physiotherapy rehabilitation app. It provides different programs that adjust according to your pain level during each exercise, ensuring a comfortable and effective rehabilitation journey.


Team Total Rehab took us on board to boost the development work. The client was inspired by our previous work in the health sector and wanted us to maintain the current system and add some new and essential features. The main scope of the project was to implement deep linking in the current app and enhance the subscription process. We were required to build the feature for both web & mobile applications.

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Total Rehab was a large product so we appointed the best of our team members to get this job done. The system was using Supabase Database for the backend and React Native for the mobile app.

We started off by exploring the existing system, from architecture to all the feature sets to get ourselves familiar with the codebase.

After getting familiar with the code our team started working on Deep Linking. We crafted the required configuration for iOS and Android and implemented the deep link subscription URLs on the backend.

The goal was not just to design & implement the functionality but to do it efficiently. The efficiency and performance of the code was stupendous.

Overall it was a great learning experience for us and the client was overjoyed with collaboration and timely delivery.

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