Zilker Watering System

An Intelligent IoT System For Irrigation


Tech Stack

Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL Heroku AWS EC2 Swift

Zilker is a smart IoT-based irrigation system. Zilker packs an array of smart and useful features that make watering a breeze. It costs thousands less than an in-ground system. It enables you to avoid some age-old watering frustrations. It’s an entirely new and easy way to the water.


The idea was to build a mobile application that could handle the smart IoT-based irrigation system. The client was looking for an app that could connect & communicate with hardware devices to water the home lawns. It was required that the system should be capable enough to water according to the weather conditions, also the system should have the ability to schedule watering and keep track of the hardware condition as well.

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Solutions / Responsibilities

Tiksom’s expert team was assigned to produce the best result and meet the client's expectations. We were presented with the Mobile App design and were required to deliver robust & user-friendly Mobile Apps that could serve numerous users.

The main challenge was to communicate with hardware devices. So our highly technical team took the lead and designed an efficient algorithm to connect and communicate with the hardware devices.

Our backend team designed customized algorithms that were required to schedule the watering process on the basis of weather conditions. This algorithm was so complex and tricky because we had to evaluate a lot of weather parameters to finalize how much water is required according to the soil moisture.

Our expert mobile team built a fine product by interacting with backend services and implementing external resources like weather APIs to create a smooth watering experience. 

To cut a long story short, our team met the client's expectations and delivered a smart IoT solution.

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