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Tiksom has extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and has several years of industry expertise. Tiksom has a team of professional AI/ML Engineers who deliver efficient, reliable, robust, portable, and maintainable code.

Our Machine Learning & AI services

health_icon Machine Learning
We provide cutting-edge machine learning services to help businesses automate their workflows and optimise their processes.
health_icon Computer Vision
We specialise in crafting cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly translate visual data into actionable insights, empowering meticulous analysis of images and videos across the spectrum, from precise segmentation to accurate classification.
health_icon Data Science & Analytics
We design applications by using the latest technologies giving your business steady growth by providing actionable insights
health_icon Predictive Analytics
We offer predictive analytics that can gain valuable insights for your business and predict future trends.
health_icon NLP & Chatbots
We excel in delivering state-of-the-art AI services, showcasing expertise not only in advanced artificial intelligence but also in the development of sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Chatbot solutions.
health_icon Generative AI
We provide solutions that can benefit your business in various ways, enhancing efficiency, creativity, and decision-making processes.
Scrum metrics ensure that product
development stays on the right track

We use Scrum methodology, employing key metrics to track team success, ensure project health, maintain performance, adhere to the development plan, and detect risks or necessary changes early in the process.

health_icon Team velocity
Our product managers gauge team and individual velocity. This ensures that your project is on track and we can deliver the expected result within the deadlines.
health_icon Predictable burn-down
We monitor completed work against the total scope to manage project health and adhere to the plan.
health_icon Resolution time
We ensure that the time it takes to resolve a task remains consistent. If the time to complete development tasks increases, we extend the size of your team.
health_icon Software quality
The feature is only completed when it passes all tests and meets customer requirements. That's why we take a complex approach to tracking and analyzing actionable metrics: from test coverage to customer satisfaction.

Build the foundation of
your AI journey


Define Clear Objectives

Clearly articulate the purpose and goals of incorporating AI into your organization or project.


Assess Data Quality and Relevance

Evaluate the quality and relevance of your data. Top-notch data is crucial for AI model effectiveness.


Build a Skilled Team

Form a skilled AI team comprising data scientists, machine learning engineers, and domain experts.


Choose Technology Stack

Select appropriate tools and frameworks based on your project requirements.


Start with a Proof of Concept

Begin with a small-scale project to test the feasibility and potential of AI in your context.

Cross platform App Development

Get in touch with our Android engineering team to create a dependable and feature-rich mobile solution for any Android device.

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